Glenn Campbell is one of Los Angeles' premiere digital photographers and a creative maverick in the digital photography movement.

A fine art and portrait photographer for 25 years, Glenn has been considered a world-renowned digital photographer since 1997. Such stature has earned him recognition by Phase One, Hasselblad, Epson and Kodak.

In the celebrity world, Glenn has enchanted clients, publicists and talent alike. More than just a show of smart digital equipment, Glenn is truly abetting the evolution of the photo shoot. Thanks to tethered shooting, publicists, art directors, stylists and the talent can feel closer to the creative process by immediately viewing images on a monitor. This results in open discussion and creative participation that in the end allows Glenn to capture his subjects in moments expressive of their natural personality and charisma.

Eager to demonstrate his digital prowess in the celebrity-entertainment world, Glenn is rapidly building up his list of personalities. His immediate embracement by publicists and talent bodes well for future access to clients and artists across the board.

Glenn Campbell Photography
3278 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles